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SENSE Half Back Cover Sexy Brief

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Product Description

Material: 95% Icy Silk, 5% Spandex 

Size: M to 2XL 


SENSE collection bring up another sexy half back cover thong alike but we love to call it brief. It minimise the coverage of your back and with the SENSE icy silk fabric to hold half of your back to show the ultimate wild feel, suitable for home wear and all day underwear. 


All item are pre order and require 14 working days to ship and deliver. 

All item ship in private and confidential, the parcel will stated as GIFTs instead of “Apparel”, enjoy your shopping! 

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Size Chart

Size Chart.jpg

Length 61636567
Width 41424344
Chest 40414243
Body Height170175180185

*Actual may have slight vary, please choose according to your preference (tighter or looser), not all product has full range size.

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